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In the global startup company like us, we need you to have so much passion for the things that we are building. We love professional people but we need more agreements on our vision to push the company forward.

 If you've ever worked with a team of top-notch people you know how good it feels. There is comradery, everyone jokes around, it's awesome. We've found that to make sure we are bringing in the right guys for our team, it's best if we ask all applicants to take a short test. We will send this to you after we get your application. The best candidates find this test enjoyable. They also appreciate the vetting process. If we didn't do this we'd risk sending our guys into battle with noobs, (which is bad enough in Call of Duty and worse in real life).

2019 Giftern 暑期實習生


​上班日期:2019 年 7 月 1 日 - 2019 年 12月 31


Giftpack 提供全球遠距送禮服務平台。在全球不同城市及眾多商家夥伴合作,提供人們在短短三小時內,跨越國際城市距離獲得難忘的送禮體驗。透過其搭載人工智慧和大數據分析,解決地理差距、語言障礙和支付限制。


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